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Santa in the manger49JollieSanta in the mangerUrban Manger240pmarieUrban MangerAmuses bouches60gh2404Amuses bouchesChoux a la crème et au caramel60gh2404Choux a la crème et au caramelMa ciboulette204maminetteMa cibouletteMuffins35dhcpMuffinsDieffenbachia in pink98QuenojuegaDieffenbachia in pinkInterior80eridaneInteriorNATIVITY, THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS15zipnonNATIVITY, THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMASThe Manger Is Ready and Waiting80AmyJoyThe Manger Is Ready and WaitingNativity~ RuthSanderson99BronwynNativity~ RuthSandersonChristmas window70chirChristmas windowCuisine ouverte150eridaneCuisine ouverteKathy Goff 'Forest Manger'150Rita49Kathy Goff 'Forest Manger'Ruane Manning 'In the Manger'150Rita49Ruane Manning 'In the Manger'Nativity~ unknown artist99BronwynNativity~ unknown artistGiverny, salle à manger Cl. Monet35catlocGiverny, salle à manger Cl. Monet006204006#Nativity42Kaboomer#Nativity*Nativity48pinkylee*Nativity3 - Jesus in a Manger289juliew643 - Jesus in a Mangermésange vorace / voracious bird 02240WhiterabbitEmésange vorace / voracious bird 02physalis / Groundcherry (?)192WhiterabbitEphysalis / Groundcherry (?)New Puzzle209New Puzzle