382 puzzles tagged lunch breakfast
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^ Apple Spiced Pancakes24300zx^ Apple Spiced Pancakes^ Apricot Preserves24300zx^ Apricot Preserves^ Fruit juice30300zx^ Fruit juice^ Hot Chocolate24300zx^ Hot Chocolate^ Apricot Preserves24300zx^ Apricot Preserves^ Huge breakfast sandwich24300zx^ Huge breakfast sandwich^ Steak and Egg Benedict with Hashbrown Potatoes24300zx^ Steak and Egg Benedict with Hashbrown Potatoes^ Breakfast coffee fruit juice croissant24300zx^ Breakfast coffee fruit juice croissant^ Scary face pancake24300zx^ Scary face pancake^ Individual souffles20300zx^ Individual souffles^ Eggs Benedict with prawns, avocado and cajun Hollandaise12300zx^ Eggs Benedict with prawns, avocado and cajun HollandaiseGuacamole toast~!12normaloisGuacamole toast~!^ Breakfast sandwich20300zx^ Breakfast sandwich^ Breakfast choices16300zx^ Breakfast choices^ Coffee pots, coffee and croissants12300zx^ Coffee pots, coffee and croissants^ Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict24300zx^ Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict^ Fruit, yogurt and oats18300zx^ Fruit, yogurt and oats^ Chocolate waffles with berry topping24300zx^ Chocolate waffles with berry topping^ Healthy juice smoothies24300zx^ Healthy juice smoothies^ Bacon and cheese pinwheels12300zx^ Bacon and cheese pinwheels^ Lobster Eggs Benedict20300zx^ Lobster Eggs Benedict^ Smiley Breakfast30300zx^ Smiley Breakfast^ Avocado toast variety15300zx^ Avocado toast variety^ Breakfast ~ Large15300zx^ Breakfast ~ Large