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Elves leave Middle Earth24patijewlElves leave Middle EarthStone Trolls180EldamarStone TrollsLOTR Fantasy art35purrydazeLOTR Fantasy artGandalf and Bilbo leave Hobbiton20patijewlGandalf and Bilbo leave HobbitonMumak of Harad300EldamarMumak of HaradAscent of Caradhras210EldamarAscent of CaradhrasGwaihir the Windlord180EldamarGwaihir the WindlordSam & Rosie Cotton180EldamarSam & Rosie CottonGandalf in Hobbiton20patijewlGandalf in HobbitonDescent from Caradhras150EldamarDescent from CaradhrasCaras Galadhon300BaggywrinkleCaras GaladhonIthilien209EldamarIthilienThe Shire209EldamarThe ShireLake Cuivienen209EldamarLake CuivienenSaruman is Overtaken216EldamarSaruman is OvertakenThe Barad Dur150EldamarThe Barad DurCourt of the Fountain150EldamarCourt of the FountainMirkwood300MyotismonMirkwoodRivendell300MyotismonRivendellRivendell300RivendellLord of the Ring Poster - Legolas204MelphieLord of the Ring Poster - LegolasMap of Middle Earth98TrufanMap of Middle EarthVan Gogh never saw the Land of Shadow (c) sagittariusgallery144subversivegrrlVan Gogh never saw the Land of Shadow (c) sagittariusgalleryLord of the Ring Poster192MelphieLord of the Ring Poster