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lightning storm108G6Bralightning stormArctic Dreams - by Bridget Voth48NeiThunderArctic Dreams - by Bridget VothWhite Victorian in the snow99scameron262White Victorian in the snow#Marina Vancouver BC36Kaboomer#Marina Vancouver BC#Vancouver from Grouse Mountain15Kaboomer#Vancouver from Grouse MountainVigan, Philippines - 157248Valjeane1949Vigan, Philippines - 1572Havana, Cuba - 151545Valjeane1949Havana, Cuba - 1515Jazz Cafe at Christmas24BlindTigerJazz Cafe at ChristmasCon-Fuse-ing Situation100JigsUp17Con-Fuse-ing SituationThe modern Cinderella left two shoes to the prince;)36arzhelaThe modern Cinderella left two shoes to the prince;)Chat sur un balcon60eridaneChat sur un balcontraffic light300Jodeltraffic lightBlack and Blue - Art by Bridget Voth42NeiThunderBlack and Blue - Art by Bridget VothNorthern lights 03209Illonejay14Northern lights 03Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest - Hungary120XaninaHUNMuseum of Fine Arts - Budapest - HungaryLiberty Bridge - Budapest - Hungary48XaninaHUNLiberty Bridge - Budapest - HungaryLiberty Bridge - Budapest - Hungary45XaninaHUNLiberty Bridge - Budapest - HungaryParc Riscani, Chişinău96EcclesiastesParc Riscani, ChişinăuNational Museum - Budapest - Hungary120XaninaHUNNational Museum - Budapest - HungaryMatthias Church - Budapesrt - Hungary48XaninaHUNMatthias Church - Budapesrt - HungaryHungarian Parliament Building - Budapest130XaninaHUNHungarian Parliament Building - BudapestHungarian Parliament Building - Budapest80XaninaHUNHungarian Parliament Building - BudapestFrozen river Danube - Budapest - Hungary48XaninaHUNFrozen river Danube - Budapest - HungaryFisherman's Basrtion - Budapest - Hungary70XaninaHUNFisherman's Basrtion - Budapest - Hungary