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Fox in the Bluebells, by Lee Roberts CC BY-SA 2.036artytypeFox in the Bluebells, by Lee Roberts CC BY-SA 2.0Fionna and Marshall Lee130NovelCaosFionna and Marshall LeeMasked Bandit140Masked BanditJigsaw - The Glen Lee on the Clyde140Jigsaw - The Glen Lee on the ClydeThe Fall78PepsiEnthusiastThe FallCircus of the Sky27Circus of the SkyLoki and The Enchantress192BlueDjinnLoki and The Enchantress01~2677001~267Ryan in the Gen. Lee180Ryan in the Gen. LeeMarshall Lee & Fionna240AudreyFlutterbugMarshall Lee & FionnaThe Dukes of Hazzard300The Dukes of HazzardBruce Lee #1300KaazhuBruce Lee #1Tumblr o03x2uDVYD1uruil3o1 540289emrysaarynTumblr o03x2uDVYD1uruil3o1 540The Fairy Ring by Alan Lee280scafleetThe Fairy Ring by Alan LeeThe Heirs120vivivalderasThe HeirsAlan Lee Riddles In The Dark70JimbobovalsocksAlan Lee Riddles In The DarkNo happy ending120No happy endingMasked Bandit98Masked BanditThranduil110JulieBird1979ThranduilBandit140BanditRonan143RonanThe Fall143The FallMasked Banditry120Masked BanditryNever fails to make me cry96Never fails to make me cry