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Gray eyes108Gray eyesTumblr_m98u6lOoCh1qzaz2no1_50080Tumblr_m98u6lOoCh1qzaz2no1_500Blond stare110Blond stareSukkiri-cute108Sukkiri-cuteTrespassing Beach108Trespassing BeachHell yeah!36Hell yeah!Three hotties88Three hottiesBlue baby108Blue babyMost gorgeous man110Most gorgeous manDragon underneath108Dragon underneathAdam Lambert + Brian May198XGlitterGlamS29Adam Lambert + Brian MayRadio 95.5110Radio 95.5Kissy face110Kissy faceFirehot108FirehotEpaulette112EpauletteHappy boys in Moscow108Happy boys in MoscowOn and on110On and onLondon promo112London promoBlack tie at elton108Black tie at eltonAnother leopard shirt108Another leopard shirtJet lagged108Jet laggedToo good110Too goodA55632A556Living Out Loud110Living Out Loud