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Fresh fruit salad143Susie01Fresh fruit saladFresh fruit salad143Susie01Fresh fruit saladFruity hearty cake90Susie01Fruity hearty cakeLittle Spotted Kiwi - New Zealand35Valjeane1949Little Spotted Kiwi - New Zealandhealthy food-fruits12ardenahealthy food-fruitsFruity cake120Susie01Fruity cakeFruity cookies @ Doctor cookies140Susie01Fruity cookies @ Doctor cookiesRainbow smoothie16SayutskaRainbow smoothieIce Cream Fruit289ValentinalovesonlyouIce Cream FruitFruit salad35gelsominaFruit saladHEART SHAPED FRUIT SALAD18zipnonHEART SHAPED FRUIT SALADTotally fruit cake140Susie01Totally fruit cakehealthy food-fruits salad12ardenahealthy food-fruits saladFruit Salad56SayutskaFruit SaladStrawberries, kiwis, pomegranate & dragonfruit fruit salad!49SayutskaStrawberries, kiwis, pomegranate & dragonfruit fruit salad!Watermelon "cake"35SayutskaWatermelon "cake"The Square and Clocktower in Palmerston North140AmyJoyThe Square and Clocktower in Palmerston NorthRare Daylight Sighting of a Kiwi24AmyJoyRare Daylight Sighting of a KiwiTeazel Shared p46 3 1536-8 3 2017-03-44-3072Molly1954Teazel Shared p46 3 1536-8 3 2017-03-44-30Glazed cake353jwsGlazed cakeFruit Juice300nclangel1Fruit JuiceFEATURED FRESH FRUIT20zipnonFEATURED FRESH FRUITFruit bowl close up243jwsFruit bowl close upFruit6TigerjagFruit