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Paintings-christmas-religion-jesus-christ-artwork-edward-burne-j54MaireONeillPaintings-christmas-religion-jesus-christ-artwork-edward-burne-jWilliam Holman Hunt - The Triumph of the Innocents35MaireONeillWilliam Holman Hunt - The Triumph of the InnocentsMary of Bethany35Mary of BethanyMexican Alterpiece24miterMexican AlterpieceCowper, Frank Cadogan Our Lady of the Fruits of the Earth88docrabbitsCowper, Frank Cadogan Our Lady of the Fruits of the EarthBeautiful Nativity~ Liz Goodrick Dillon99BronwynBeautiful Nativity~ Liz Goodrick DillonA Child is Born~ Master Pieces99BronwynA Child is Born~ Master PiecesHoly Family and Simeon at Loretto300MJC22Holy Family and Simeon at LorettoMother of Perpetual Help91miterMother of Perpetual HelpBouguereau The Virgin With Angels150miterBouguereau The Virgin With Angels#Christmas Nativity Scene12Kaboomer#Christmas Nativity SceneNativity Scene63sb1981Nativity SceneBaby jesus wont bathe70puzzleninjaBaby jesus wont batheMother Mary & Baby Jesus54KaboomerMother Mary & Baby Jesus#Nativity42Kaboomer#Nativity*Nativity48pinkylee*Nativity17 - Mary & Jesus300juliew6417 - Mary & JesusThe Sleep of the Infant Jesus by Sassoferrato140puzzlefanThe Sleep of the Infant Jesus by Sassoferrato~I've Just Seen Jesus!70MyDustyGirl~I've Just Seen Jesus!Christmas90ApotresChristmasAngel Gabriel coming to Mary35conadamsAngel Gabriel coming to MaryStained-Glass-window-Depicting-the-Virgin-Mary-and-Infant-Jesus-54MaireONeillStained-Glass-window-Depicting-the-Virgin-Mary-and-Infant-Jesus-Hostyn88LibaHostynBaby Jesus and Mary48Baby Jesus and Mary