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Light of the world300sherrie11Light of the worldJesus - Shrine Park30TJourdenJesus - Shrine ParkJesus holding small girl108GodsGirl7Jesus holding small girlBouguereau The Virgin With Angels150miterBouguereau The Virgin With AngelsJesus looking over the canyon130GodsGirl7Jesus looking over the canyonJesus on the bow of the boat130GodsGirl7Jesus on the bow of the boatHe Rose24thecraftyladyHe RoseGood Life42thecraftyladyGood LifeWith God15thecraftyladyWith GodBaby jesus wont bathe70puzzleninjaBaby jesus wont batheSon Rise99WhitebeardSon RiseJesus and child235DarlaJesus and child2Jesus and lamb12DarlaJesus and lambJesus with the children99conadamsJesus with the childrenBeside Still Waters...70MyDustyGirlBeside Still Waters...Jesus and door300Phoenixrising914Jesus and doorHe's Alive!150myrrhkdoeHe's Alive!Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Donkey48conadamsJesus Enters Jerusalem on a DonkeyJesus Calms the Sea70conadamsJesus Calms the SeaJesus calls fishermen to be disciples35conadamsJesus calls fishermen to be disciplesJesus Restores Life to a Little Girl35conadamsJesus Restores Life to a Little GirlJesus heals blind man35conadamsJesus heals blind manJesus feeds the hungry crowd63conadamsJesus feeds the hungry crowdJesus feeding the crowd117conadamsJesus feeding the crowd