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Pferde im Winter180InervilgnirPferde im WinterOysters on the Half Shell300jppffOysters on the Half ShellFresh Gulf Oyster with Choupique, Tabasco, and Mayhaw Caviar300jppffFresh Gulf Oyster with Choupique, Tabasco, and Mayhaw CaviarGrilled Shrimp Cocktail Shooter300jppffGrilled Shrimp Cocktail ShooterRaw Oysters on Cracked Ice300jppffRaw Oysters on Cracked IceGazpacho with Grilled Shrimp Two300jppffGazpacho with Grilled Shrimp TwoStuffed Courgettes300jppffStuffed CourgettesBrilliant Roe300jppffBrilliant RoeBraised Beef Cheek with Beetroot300jppffBraised Beef Cheek with BeetrootJapanese Chestnuts300jppffJapanese ChestnutsCrab Cake with Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus300jppffCrab Cake with Bacon-Wrapped AsparagusSafari Pate Platter300jppffSafari Pate PlatterPortabello Mushroom Canapes289jppffPortabello Mushroom CanapesCrudite Spread300jppffCrudite SpreadGourmet Marinated Olives300jppffGourmet Marinated OlivesBlack Caviar with Brie300jppffBlack Caviar with BrieMacro Pistachios300jppffMacro PistachiosCrudites with Romesco Sauce300jppffCrudites with Romesco SauceSpicy Silan300jppffSpicy SilanGuacamole300jppffGuacamoleBaked Greek Olives300jppffBaked Greek OlivesCaviar with Fried Quail Egg300jppffCaviar with Fried Quail EggPate de Campagne300jppffPate de CampagneCrudites289jppffCrudites