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Greek Church in the Holy Land35Greek Church in the Holy LandChurch of Mary Magdalene209StarrgaizzerChurch of Mary MagdaleneJerusalem - Holy Land300juliew64Jerusalem - Holy LandMigdalDavid0003 - Holy Land - Old City, Tower of David300juliew64MigdalDavid0003 - Holy Land - Old City, Tower of David0322035946_0  -  Holy Land  -  Holy Sepulchre Dome300juliew640322035946_0 - Holy Land - Holy Sepulchre DomeHoly Land - Jerusalem300juliew64Holy Land - JerusalemHoly Land - Jordan River - 3300juliew64Holy Land - Jordan River - 3Holy Land - Jordan River - 2300juliew64Holy Land - Jordan River - 2Holy Land - Tower of David300juliew64Holy Land - Tower of DavidHoly Land - Old City, Christian Quarter300juliew64Holy Land - Old City, Christian QuarterHoly Land  -  Tower of David and the walls of O300juliew64Holy Land - Tower of David and the walls of OHe is Risen108He is Risen@@logo logo tierra santa 2015180@@logo logo tierra santa 2015Garden of Gethsemane Church Doors300MJC22Garden of Gethsemane Church DoorsJesus In Jerusalem - Holy Land196juliew64Jesus In Jerusalem - Holy LandHoly Land - Jordan River-1300juliew64Holy Land - Jordan River-1