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Lodge in the wintertime.30jillnjoLodge in the wintertime.Mickey and Minnie on Ice300JulieBethMickey and Minnie on IceGuests for Dinner~ BonnieWhite99BronwynGuests for Dinner~ BonnieWhiteHolly Pond Hill36WiccaSmurfHolly Pond HillFred Swan 'Holidays in the Hills'150Rita49Fred Swan 'Holidays in the Hills'Thomas Kinkade 'St. Nicholas Circle'154Rita49Thomas Kinkade 'St. Nicholas Circle'2017 on the line8qwertz2017 on the lineHappy New Year 201712qwertzHappy New Year 2017Happy New Year!20qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!12qwertzHappy New Year!New Year 201715qwertzNew Year 20172017 in red6qwertz2017 in redHappy New Year!12qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!15qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!!!12qwertzHappy New Year!!!201712qwertz2017Happy New Year 20176qwertzHappy New Year 2017Fred Swan 'Christmas Lights'154Rita49Fred Swan 'Christmas Lights'Happy New Year!15qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!15qwertzHappy New Year!Skating season30patijewlSkating seasonWinter cottage120sherrie11Winter cottageHappy 2017 !15qwertzHappy 2017 !Happy New Year!15qwertzHappy New Year!