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Giraffe Couple In Love24bubusGiraffe Couple In LoveGiraffe Mother and Child30bubusGiraffe Mother and ChildŽirafa35paci13ŽirafaApril's boy resting in his corner300DarkAniseApril's boy resting in his cornerBaby G Up Close289DarkAniseBaby G Up CloseGiraffe Markings80GoldGalGiraffe MarkingsApril and baby getting a drink289DarkAniseApril and baby getting a drinkBaby giraffe beautiful170GrifjeBaby giraffe beautifulBaby Giraffe 2300DarkAniseBaby Giraffe 2Momma and Baby Giraffe300DarkAniseMomma and Baby Giraffe17837583_10155172723194872_829532256_o81golovinism17837583_10155172723194872_829532256_oGiraffe enclosure - Sydney Taronga Park Zoo96BookieMDGiraffe enclosure - Sydney Taronga Park ZooGiraffe08 - melbourne zoo35Giraffe08 - melbourne zooGIRAFFES BY RABBLE VIA AUSTRALIA ZOO150WendyC67GIRAFFES BY RABBLE VIA AUSTRALIA ZOOBaby giraffe99mimees6Baby giraffeAfrican Friends24patijewlAfrican FriendsMolasses pellet?  photo by Andrew Moore CC BY-SA 2.012FadeMolasses pellet? photo by Andrew Moore CC BY-SA 2.0Giraffe sitting photo by Benh LIEU SONG CC BY-SA 2.012FadeGiraffe sitting photo by Benh LIEU SONG CC BY-SA 2.0Giraffe96rockedbettyGiraffegiraffe88rockedbettygiraffeGIRAFFE8GIRAFFEAnimales de la jungla150VIXENAnimales de la junglaBaby-giraf42Baby-girafAudi A4 201480Audi A4 2014