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WINTER SNOW BALL FIGHT BY CAROLE SPANDAU12lboulaisWINTER SNOW BALL FIGHT BY CAROLE SPANDAUFight between harpy eagle fox88Vivien2012Fight between harpy eagle foxCrow120SayutskaCrowDragon by zhengduoqiang130SayutskaDragon by zhengduoqiang"Back Off, Buddy"150LyleK"Back Off, Buddy"Len versus Kaito!48SayutskaLen versus Kaito!Cat fight70Vivien2012Cat fightPhoenix Fight99roseinwinterPhoenix FightMatchbox 11535MeriJaanMatchbox 115Heroes15roberta1HeroesSurvival of the Fittest150DonteeSurvival of the FittestCharge32njfreemanChargea colorful fight over corn35maria33a colorful fight over cornBlue-Jay Fight18Cookie303Blue-Jay FightFlight Fight77onehyperpuppyFlight FightFace Off70WyoAZgalFace OffWild Horses Fight60WyoAZgalWild Horses FightMule Deer Fight60WyoAZgalMule Deer FightDeer Horns Fight White 51134112dankenstyneDeer Horns Fight White 511341Dog Fight70shaperDog Fight"Stallion Battle"150LyleK"Stallion Battle"Frank frazetta winter of the coup90walkswithFrank frazetta winter of the coupElk Tussle24PANTHERCLAWSElk TusslePrehistoric Times12KarindPrehistoric Times