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DUTCH ALCON BLUE BUTTERFLY (EXTINCT)12lboulaisDUTCH ALCON BLUE BUTTERFLY (EXTINCT)SPIXS MACAW (EXTINCT)12lboulaisSPIXS MACAW (EXTINCT)Roelant Savery - Edwards' Dodo - 162635Steve66Roelant Savery - Edwards' Dodo - 1626Extinct Wooly Mammoth192seekscardinalExtinct Wooly MammothExtinct West African Black Rhino238seekscardinalExtinct West African Black RhinoExtinct Turtle Tortoise32seekscardinalExtinct Turtle TortoiseExtinct Steller's Sea Cow72seekscardinalExtinct Steller's Sea CowExtinct Red Wolf300seekscardinalExtinct Red WolfExtinct Red-Backed Shrike210seekscardinalExtinct Red-Backed ShrikeExtinct Quagga192seekscardinalExtinct QuaggaExtinct Porpoise70seekscardinalExtinct PorpoiseExtinct penguin or Great Auk190seekscardinalExtinct penguin or Great AukExtinct Okapi90seekscardinalExtinct OkapiExtinct nearly Lady Amherst's Pheasant130seekscardinalExtinct nearly Lady Amherst's PheasantExtinct Illi Pika or Magic Rabit221seekscardinalExtinct Illi Pika or Magic RabitExtinct Golden Toad234seekscardinalExtinct Golden ToadExtinct Giant Otter198seekscardinalExtinct Giant OtterExtinct Dodo Bird150seekscardinalExtinct Dodo BirdExtinct Carrier Pidgeon228seekscardinalExtinct Carrier PidgeonExtinct Carolina Parakeet195seekscardinalExtinct Carolina ParakeetExtinct butterfly238seekscardinalExtinct butterflyExtinct bird Huia160seekscardinalExtinct bird HuiaExtinct bird Amazona Violaceus221seekscardinalExtinct bird Amazona ViolaceusDyer used a DSLR camera to capture Broken Top Peak in Oregon60swreaderDyer used a DSLR camera to capture Broken Top Peak in Oregon