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Disney300JodelDisneyMandarin ducks48occhiverdiMandarin ducksduck12hlinikduckFalkland Steamer Duck - Southern Atlantic Island35Valjeane1949Falkland Steamer Duck - Southern Atlantic IslandA day of cricket99alseaA day of cricketMini foal- duck56nobody0Mini foal- duckCat-ducklings63nobody0Cat-ducklings^ Golden Valley - Mary Charles30300zx^ Golden Valley - Mary CharlesMandarin duck pair300Mandarin duck pair18486036_1258697587561146_8304059579466454202_n108Texasroll18486036_1258697587561146_8304059579466454202_nDaffy Duck (flying duck orchid caleana major)150OGO50Daffy Duck (flying duck orchid caleana major)Quack quack60jceeceeQuack quackWood duck by sharon cummings300Wood duck by sharon cummingsDuck-goat70nobody0Duck-goat657805-26-880-0f7228291b-1484645378221vivianne73657805-26-880-0f7228291b-1484645378Two Teal, ducks watercolor by Kendahl Jan Jubb www.kendahljanj289Two Teal, ducks watercolor by Kendahl Jan Jubb www.kendahljanjPinky Daisy, by Maggie Parr Daisy, by Maggie Parr Duck (Female Pekin Duck & Male Muscovy Duck)72Valjeane1949Mulard Duck (Female Pekin Duck & Male Muscovy Duck)Donald and the Hippo280rachels18Donald and the HippoWell Disguised Paradise Ducklings18AmyJoyWell Disguised Paradise DucklingsAt The Cove - A Paradise Duck70AmyJoyAt The Cove - A Paradise DuckMALE WOOD DUCK photographed by BECKY COVER108JerriMowry1MALE WOOD DUCK photographed by BECKY COVERBirds - Wood Duck198Magpie627Birds - Wood DuckDuck Family150DonteeDuck Family