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^ Christmas scene ~ Alan Giana24300zx^ Christmas scene ~ Alan GianaJ.w.scott20 christmas traffic54adelsonJ.w.scott20 christmas traffic^ Bringing home the Christmas tree20300zx^ Bringing home the Christmas treeWinter scene12QueTuVidaBrilleSiempreWinter sceneamerican painting village300mariamar72american painting village639631f89a598ad601435fa2559ddc1956Rossa639631f89a598ad601435fa2559ddc19Snow12DrWhoSnowBy Erin Vey48SayutskaBy Erin VeyBy Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)20SayutskaBy Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)By Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)40SayutskaBy Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)Snow Family by Keith Stapleton...99715ajan3Snow Family by Keith Stapleton...Winter Walk by Neil Barry...99715ajan3Winter Walk by Neil Barry...Christmas Cottage - Thomas Kinkade60BillyKatChristmas Cottage - Thomas KinkadeFacial Painting - Ines Kuš30SayutskaFacial Painting - Ines Kušchristmas art130nikkig1989christmas art^ Winter Wonderland ~ Marilyn Dunlap20300zx^ Winter Wonderland ~ Marilyn DunlapCottage8110luiseCottage8Christmas Joy by John Finlay99715ajan3Christmas Joy by John FinlayCHRISTMAS300komentonCHRISTMAS11346_603366203124869_6381139056345083718_n54trixiebear11346_603366203124869_6381139056345083718_nColourful Gifts @ Gifts @^ Cardinals in Winter pressed flower art35300zx^ Cardinals in Winter pressed flower artHave a blessed christmas300komentonHave a blessed christmas^ Bridge to the Christmas cottage28300zx^ Bridge to the Christmas cottage