242 puzzles tagged canine
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POTW Cheeriness100dixiedragonPOTW CheerinessWhat are these?12roberta1What are these?You Called54Valjeane1949You CalledReady to Slide54Valjeane1949Ready to SlideJust Being Gorgeous54Valjeane1949Just Being GorgeousI'm Not Having A Good Day54Valjeane1949I'm Not Having A Good DayCheese48Valjeane1949CheeseCan You Speak a Little Louder54Valjeane1949Can You Speak a Little LouderBestest Pals63Valjeane1949Bestest PalsBest Friends36Valjeane1949Best FriendsKING CHARLES CAVALIER PUPPY20zipnonKING CHARLES CAVALIER PUPPYSusie Spaniel54Valjeane1949Susie SpanielRusty Racer54Valjeane1949Rusty RacerLhasa Apso Louie54Valjeane1949Lhasa Apso LouieGuard Dogs54Valjeane1949Guard DogsDachshunds Mexican Style54Valjeane1949Dachshunds Mexican StyleChihuahua Charlie54Valjeane1949Chihuahua CharlieBelle 2017, JRT/Pom mix200AllosauridaeBelle 2017, JRT/Pom mixWolfdog (Wolf & Domestic Dog)70Valjeane1949Wolfdog (Wolf & Domestic Dog)What's the Password60Valjeane1949What's the PasswordJust Chillin'60Valjeane1949Just Chillin'TAKING TIME TO SMELL THE FLOWERS20zipnonTAKING TIME TO SMELL THE FLOWERSrun in the snow24puzzlesr4funrun in the snowFox in a Log150loraFox in a Log