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BUTTERFLIES photographed by GERALDINE DEBOER108JerriMowry1BUTTERFLIES photographed by GERALDINE DEBOERVICEROY BUTTERFLY. photographed by BECKY COVER108JerriMowry1VICEROY BUTTERFLY. photographed by BECKY COVERFlood by Thomas Hart Benton204scafleetFlood by Thomas Hart BentonRoger Dean Art35purrydazeRoger Dean ArtYesshows back cover, Roger Dean36purrydazeYesshows back cover, Roger DeanHyperion, September 26, 2005 by Cassini180scafleetHyperion, September 26, 2005 by CassiniA Painted Stallion is distracted by something while trotting...117FreddijA Painted Stallion is distracted by something while trotting...Phoenix Landscape art by Roger Dean60purrydazePhoenix Landscape art by Roger DeanNATURES CRITTERS PHOTOGRAPHED BY BECKY COVER108JerriMowry1NATURES CRITTERS PHOTOGRAPHED BY BECKY COVERSunroom by the Sea60NiftyFiftiesSunroom by the SeaHouse by the sea99scameron262House by the seaNATURES BEAUTY Photographed By DAVID AKOUBIAN108JerriMowry1NATURES BEAUTY Photographed By DAVID AKOUBIANORCHARD ORIOLE photographed by DAVID AKOUBIAN144JerriMowry1ORCHARD ORIOLE photographed by DAVID AKOUBIANNATURES BEAUTY photographed by. BECKY SMITH COVER110JerriMowry1NATURES BEAUTY photographed by. BECKY SMITH COVERReading by the sea240amymReading by the sea^ Home, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California24300zx^ Home, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CaliforniaFemale waterfall by chad knight56Vivien2012Female waterfall by chad knightFemale image by chad knight56Vivien2012Female image by chad knightcolorful paper birds198yankeecolorful paper birdscolorful paper birds170yankeecolorful paper birdsEASTERN BLUEBIRD photographed by DAVID AKOUBIAN108JerriMowry1EASTERN BLUEBIRD photographed by DAVID AKOUBIANHUMMINGBIRD MOTH photographed by BECKY COVER110JerriMowry1HUMMINGBIRD MOTH photographed by BECKY COVERBison by river56Vivien2012Bison by riverOSPREY NEST photographed by BARBARA CAVENAUGH108JerriMowry1OSPREY NEST photographed by BARBARA CAVENAUGH