Több mint 2048 puzzle megjelölt buildings
Tags to specify: +architecture +house +landscape +city +colorful +natural +color +mika7 +flower +plant

Budapest, Hungría.80yahuacaBudapest, Hungría.House in Santorini, Greece35mika7House in Santorini, GreeceIn Venice, Italy32mika7In Venice, ItalyWindow with shutters35mika7Window with shuttersRainbow Windows150OGO50Rainbow WindowsSofia,Bulgaria12ardenaSofia,BulgariaKaffibarinn, Reykjavik50HeyJudeKaffibarinn, ReykjavikEnglish Country Church35LameksEnglish Country ChurchSweeping the Step24bodhi4meSweeping the StepReims LYON198Reims LYONVillage of peace99alseaVillage of peaceAl-Fateh Mosque, Manama99EcclesiastesAl-Fateh Mosque, ManamaTongkonan/traditional houses of Toraja70ninussaTongkonan/traditional houses of TorajaStone House28bodhi4meStone HouseStupas99JigsUp17StupasPort of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.96MorvorenPort of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.Elora Mill Inn, Elora, Canada © Brian Desrosiers54MorvorenElora Mill Inn, Elora, Canada © Brian DesrosiersGrain Silo, Saskatchewan, Hudson Bay150MorvorenGrain Silo, Saskatchewan, Hudson BaySt. Augustine, Florida24desert1979St. Augustine, FloridaBush228pawsawayBushJIGSAW150pawsawayJIGSAWCottage with the red door and shutters35mika7Cottage with the red door and shuttersCastle 205 - Hluboka, Czech Republic35mika7Castle 205 - Hluboka, Czech RepublicIn Ribeira Brava, Madeira, Portugal35mika7In Ribeira Brava, Madeira, Portugal