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Actor Boris Karloff Frankensteins Bride movie70Vivien2012Actor Boris Karloff Frankensteins Bride movieActor Boris Karloff80Vivien2012Actor Boris KarloffImage update 30c292347d3adf6f 1382009218 9j-4aaqsk300Image update 30c292347d3adf6f 1382009218 9j-4aaqskBoris Vallejo - 2000-11300AleksandraolaBoris Vallejo - 2000-11Adelson boris graffiti face99helenaomiAdelson boris graffiti faceSur le sud de l'Oural  Boris Kondrashin120clara28Sur le sud de l'Oural Boris KondrashinEGOROV_Boris_Borisovich8300svantjeEGOROV_Boris_Borisovich8Red sonja tribute to boris vallejo by flyashy-d61uf85252GoomerRed sonja tribute to boris vallejo by flyashy-d61uf85Boris154paulstampBorisJamie/Rio and his shadow, Boris70GerryFJamie/Rio and his shadow, BorisBoris Karloff as The Creature (Frankstein)110WhitebeardBoris Karloff as The Creature (Frankstein)Laika stands guard60GerryFLaika stands guardFishbed antics60GerryFFishbed anticsFour escapees returned60GerryFFour escapees returnedBond....Ash Bond60GerryFBond....Ash BondThoughtful Ash!60GerryFThoughtful Ash!Ash - Everyone thought what!60GerryFAsh - Everyone thought what!Fishbed antics78Fishbed anticsA quiet night at home63A quiet night at homeAfter extreme playing session91nioinAfter extreme playing sessionPavel, Valentina and Boris91nioinPavel, Valentina and Boris... while Yuri lured Boris into escaping98nioin... while Yuri lured Boris into escapingToo cute and comfy while sleeping66katya03Too cute and comfy while sleepingOh the cuteness180katya03Oh the cuteness1