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Belgian Air Force - C130 H24adelsonBelgian Air Force - C130 HSP - BAF 3W sqn emblems - Mirage V BD 1248adelsonSP - BAF 3W sqn emblems - Mirage V BD 12SP - BAF 31 sqn FA94 - F16AM48adelsonSP - BAF 31 sqn FA94 - F16AMSP - BAF C130 H - 20 years 20 SQN48adelsonSP - BAF C130 H - 20 years 20 SQNStampe Vertongen SV4c D-EBSH35adelsonStampe Vertongen SV4c D-EBSHRace - De Havilland DH88 Comet48adelsonRace - De Havilland DH88 CometSuperconstellation D-ALIN Lufthasa c.n. 460424adelsonSuperconstellation D-ALIN Lufthasa c.n. 4604F-100 Pass140F-100 PassP-51 Little Horse Touchdown136P-51 Little Horse TouchdownEastern Connie136Eastern ConnieGrumman Widgeon Profile140Grumman Widgeon ProfileGrumman (Conair) S-2 Firecat (G-89)96OldJimGrumman (Conair) S-2 Firecat (G-89)Convair B-36J Peacemaker98OldJimConvair B-36J PeacemakerPiper PA-12 Super Cruiser96OldJimPiper PA-12 Super CruiserDe Havilland DH83 Fox Moth35adelsonDe Havilland DH83 Fox MothDe Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth50adelsonDe Havilland DH82A Tiger MothRNLAF Netherlands F16 Tiger sqn54adelsonRNLAF Netherlands F16 Tiger sqnAlaska - Pacific Alaska Pinup 0135MeriJaanAlaska - Pacific Alaska Pinup 01Northrop F5 US Navy as MiG 28 Agressor sqn60adelsonNorthrop F5 US Navy as MiG 28 Agressor sqnF=100 Taxi140F=100 TaxiGeneral Motors (Grumman) FM-2 Wildcat96OldJimGeneral Motors (Grumman) FM-2 WildcatAll Star Douglas DC-9 198496OldJimAll Star Douglas DC-9 1984Waco UPF 7 Over The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse98OldJimWaco UPF 7 Over The Ponce Inlet LighthouseVulcan victor300dms489Vulcan victor