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Family group shot - 2013-05-3160GerryFFamily group shot - 2013-05-31Blue eyed Momma60GerryFBlue eyed MommaGrant and Adam - big "boys" (2013-06-01)60GerryFGrant and Adam - big "boys" (2013-06-01)Jamie and Adam (2013-05-30)60GerryFJamie and Adam (2013-05-30)Jamie the snowball (2013-05-30)60GerryFJamie the snowball (2013-05-30)More Grant (2013-05-30)60GerryFMore Grant (2013-05-30)Gorgeous Grant (2013-05-30)60GerryFGorgeous Grant (2013-05-30)Turtle Grant60GerryFTurtle GrantAdam - absolutely adorable (2013-05-30)60GerryFAdam - absolutely adorable (2013-05-30)Grant - cute as a button60GerryFGrant - cute as a buttonAdam and Momma72GerryFAdam and MommaGrant looks at the camera153Grant looks at the cameraKittie heaven60GerryFKittie heavenKitten puzzle pieces63GerryFKitten puzzle piecesLazy Sunday afternoon63GerryFLazy Sunday afternoonKitten pile63GerryFKitten pile"truly handy kittens"120nioin"truly handy kittens"Under the watchful eye60nioinUnder the watchful eyeAdam showcasing sleep78nioinAdam showcasing sleepAnother kitten in the hand...is worth?60GerryFAnother kitten in the hand...is worth?Milk bar60GerryFMilk barThose eyes!60GerryFThose eyes!I've got you!60GerryFI've got you!The place is crawling with kittens60GerryFThe place is crawling with kittens