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Walking in the Rain70NiftyFiftiesWalking in the RainMan walking on the streets of Shibam Yemen77Vivien2012Man walking on the streets of Shibam YemenWalking the dog Burntcoat Head Park Canada63Vivien2012Walking the dog Burntcoat Head Park CanadaWood duck chick walking on Lily Pads48Vivien2012Wood duck chick walking on Lily PadsNordic walking32adelsonNordic walking20293113_1775060859459560_6334072757557017187_n140vivianne7320293113_1775060859459560_6334072757557017187_n^ Walking the Dog ~ Peter Adderley16300zx^ Walking the Dog ~ Peter AdderleyHiking in the mountains20patijewlHiking in the mountainsWalking In My Chucks35BlindTigerWalking In My ChucksDenali National Park108carrienDenali National ParkWalking Weather~ John Sloane99BronwynWalking Weather~ John Sloaneyoung elephant12ardenayoung elephantWalking in Paris54Vivien2012Walking in ParisWalking into Dragonstone Game of Thrones60Vivien2012Walking into Dragonstone Game of Thrones173100jgrl200817317196jgrl200817117099jgrl200817016999jgrl200816916799jgrl200816716696jgrl200816616596jgrl200816516496jgrl200816416199jgrl2008161Walking path historic district savannah georgia60Vivien2012Walking path historic district savannah georgia