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Country folk art99alseaCountry folk artClydesdale Team and Wagon on Grants Farm don-langeneckert35john2Clydesdale Team and Wagon on Grants Farm don-langeneckertCountry Church~ Joseph Burgess fall autumn99BronwynCountry Church~ Joseph Burgess fall autumnWagon Train70DalemidkifffanWagon TrainScott's Bluff and the Oregon Trail70MelaniVPScott's Bluff and the Oregon TrailAutumn Festivities~ Boris Kustoiev-192288BronwynAutumn Festivities~ Boris Kustoiev-1922John Bindon 'The last harvest'154Rita49John Bindon 'The last harvest'John Bindon 'Harvest Wagon'154Rita49John Bindon 'Harvest Wagon'Harvest Season~ KZylla99BronwynHarvest Season~ KZyllaCountry Worship~ Nicky Boehme99BronwynCountry Worship~ Nicky BoehmeJohn Bindon 'To the Market'154Rita49John Bindon 'To the Market'My wagon and my friends24john2My wagon and my friendsThe apple farm108alseaThe apple farm51 Mercury Custom wagon - yellow,quiet but stately in appearance90Freddij51 Mercury Custom wagon - yellow,quiet but stately in appearance^ Harvest Moon ~ Billy Jacobs24300zx^ Harvest Moon ~ Billy JacobsHidden Harbor~ PatrickCostello99BronwynHidden Harbor~ PatrickCostello^ Kim Jacobs art35300zx^ Kim Jacobs artBackyard Sale~ KenZylla.jpg96BronwynBackyard Sale~ KenZylla.jpgAutumn Harvest353jwsAutumn HarvestFall Fun ~ RandyWollenmann99BronwynFall Fun ~ RandyWollenmann6fcf3941975f0def4093497393db90fd--teddy-bears70TrishaLee6fcf3941975f0def4093497393db90fd--teddy-bearsOld Logan~ EricD0wdle99BronwynOld Logan~ EricD0wdlePicture3300Picture3^ Farm scene ~ Mary Charles30300zx^ Farm scene ~ Mary Charles