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F-15E Strike Eagle80lakeplacidblue69F-15E Strike EagleF-1835purrydazeF-18C-17300LCDR1635C-17RF-101H Voodoo300LCDR1635RF-101H VoodooC130192itznogoodC130F16 close up208itznogoodF16 close upArray of Weapons ordinance carried by USAF B-52 Bomber....54FreddijArray of Weapons ordinance carried by USAF B-52 Bomber....USAF F-15 Eagle,Top Speed: 1,650 mph..50FreddijUSAF F-15 Eagle,Top Speed: 1,650 mph..Russian Visit to Barksdale300LCDR1635Russian Visit to BarksdaleThree A-10s300LCDR1635Three A-10sUSAF F-15C Eagle300LCDR1635USAF F-15C EagleSeymour Johnson F-15300LCDR1635Seymour Johnson F-15Barksdale Flightline300LCDR1635Barksdale FlightlineF-15s at Eglin299LCDR1635F-15s at EglinLakenheath F-15D300LCDR1635Lakenheath F-15DEielson AFB A-10s300LCDR1635Eielson AFB A-10s355FW A-10s at Westover ARB299LCDR1635355FW A-10s at Westover ARBNJANG F-106B300LCDR1635NJANG F-106BRaptors at Hickam300LCDR1635Raptors at HickamA-10 Takeoff300LCDR1635A-10 TakeoffPair of BUFFs300LCDR1635Pair of BUFFsUSAF F-18 Hornet..unleashing some fury..90FreddijUSAF F-18 Hornet..unleashing some fury..A-10s at Spangdahlem300LCDR1635A-10s at SpangdahlemF-105s 465 TFS300LCDR1635F-105s 465 TFS