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1236Doster12Flight of the Noldor180EldamarFlight of the NoldorEagles to the Carrock180EldamarEagles to the CarrockStone Trolls180EldamarStone TrollsBeorn Lord of the Wild300EldamarBeorn Lord of the WildMumak of Harad300EldamarMumak of HaradAscent of Caradhras210EldamarAscent of CaradhrasGwaihir the Windlord180EldamarGwaihir the WindlordSam & Rosie Cotton180EldamarSam & Rosie CottonThorin Oakenshield Hobbit House, MAYBE.96HeyJudeThorin Oakenshield Hobbit House, MAYBE.Gandalf Hobbit House, MAYBE99HeyJudeGandalf Hobbit House, MAYBEBilbo Baggins Hobitt House, MAYBE96HeyJudeBilbo Baggins Hobitt House, MAYBEDescent from Caradhras150EldamarDescent from CaradhrasTolkien cake300Tolkien cakeIthilien209EldamarIthilienThe Shire209EldamarThe ShireTransformation209EldamarTransformationIlluin209EldamarIlluinEarendil in Valinor209EldamarEarendil in ValinorLuthien Tinuviel150EldamarLuthien TinuvielSaruman is Overtaken216EldamarSaruman is OvertakenGuardians of Gondolin150EldamarGuardians of GondolinEagles of Manwe150EldamarEagles of ManweThe Barad Dur150EldamarThe Barad Dur