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Rollo300PfeifferRolloThe Big Bang Theory 135300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 135The Big Bang Theory 131300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 131American Dad15dankenstyneAmerican DadBones300veronicaspuffyBonesThe Big Bang Theory 130300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 130Vikings300PfeifferVikingsThe Big Bang Theory 129300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 129Lois-clark-01300veronicaspuffyLois-clark-01Riviera300veronicaspuffyRivieraThe Big Bang Theory 127300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 127#Actor Gerard Butler35Kaboomer#Actor Gerard Butler#Actor Helen Mirren24Kaboomer#Actor Helen Mirren#Actor Johnny Depp24Kaboomer#Actor Johnny DeppThe Big Bang Theory 125300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 125Lady Rose, Downton Abbey180GoldGalLady Rose, Downton AbbeyThe Crown150GoldGalThe Crown#Family Guy30Kaboomer#Family Guy#Bob's Burgers12Kaboomer#Bob's BurgersLady Mary, Downton Abbey150GoldGalLady Mary, Downton AbbeyThe Big Bang Theory 124300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 124"Walking around on those - what do you call 'em? Oh - feet!"60ninussa"Walking around on those - what do you call 'em? Oh - feet!"#Disney's Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews35Kaboomer#Disney's Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews#The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews6Kaboomer#The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews