15 puzzles tagged sundays

The Simple Life House24BlindTigerThe Simple Life HouseVirgin Of Guadalupe300theblendVirgin Of GuadalupeFestival of Arts300theblendFestival of ArtsSeascape by Olivia Wilder300theblendSeascape by Olivia WilderMcCall Farm by Nadi Spencer300theblendMcCall Farm by Nadi SpencerCattle Judge by artist Brandon Bailey300theblendCattle Judge by artist Brandon BaileyRed Cat Brand300theblendRed Cat BrandRuttin' Honey300theblendRuttin' HoneyDeGrazia_Tchaikovsky195theblendDeGrazia_TchaikovskyMona_Lisa198theblendMona_LisaThe Return by Artist Patricia A. Griffin196theblendThe Return by Artist Patricia A. GriffinShostakovitch Symphony #% by Ted DeGrazia198theblendShostakovitch Symphony #% by Ted DeGraziaUpstream Guardians by David Harms195theblendUpstream Guardians by David HarmsLet Her Buck - Ted DeGrazia196theblendLet Her Buck - Ted DeGraziaDeGrazia Watercolor300theblendDeGrazia Watercolor