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Looking Through Stained Glass91WyoAZgalLooking Through Stained GlassStained Glass Tree80WyoAZgalStained Glass TreeThomas, Nene Arachne II90docrabbitsThomas, Nene Arachne IIStained Glass Spiral91WyoAZgalStained Glass SpiralMandala Stained Glass72WyoAZgalMandala Stained GlassFallen Red Leaves & Black Feathers90WyoAZgalFallen Red Leaves & Black FeathersStained Glass Feathers by Colin Adrian100WyoAZgalStained Glass Feathers by Colin AdrianRafter Butterfly in Stained Glass80WyoAZgalRafter Butterfly in Stained GlassStained Glass Cabin Wall by Neile Cooper99WyoAZgalStained Glass Cabin Wall by Neile CooperStained Glass Colors60WyoAZgalStained Glass ColorsSRJ-Art, Halloween Black Cat80docrabbitsSRJ-Art, Halloween Black CatStained glass bloom by wolfepaw24puzzlesr4funStained glass bloom by wolfepawStained glass bloom by wolfepaw-d5xqa3977Stained glass bloom by wolfepaw-d5xqa39Healy and Millet dome35LeliaHealy and Millet domeIndian Tiger by Anne Bedel300scafleetIndian Tiger by Anne Bedel96f45a605a4e35270af672cc1571c3cf154Mizbey96f45a605a4e35270af672cc1571c3cfInside St Joseph church HDR112lulu5987Inside St Joseph church HDRIris of St. Petersburg, Stained Glass Indian Summer108docrabbitsIris of St. Petersburg, Stained Glass Indian SummerQueen's garden99scameron262Queen's gardenStained glass289JenorchidStained glassSugarloaf56FortunesafloatSugarloafFractal1204mizuryuuFractal1Stained glass ship35purrydazeStained glass shipHager Fikir Theatre, Addis Ababa99EcclesiastesHager Fikir Theatre, Addis Ababa