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Obama kite surfing off Moskito70Obama kite surfing off MoskitoObama family rafting70Obama family raftingNesting Dolls25TurtleGirlNesting DollsBarack Obama in 20166Crazy11Barack Obama in 2016President Obama and Tom Hanks laughing50Vivien2012President Obama and Tom Hanks laughingOBAMA FAMILY RECENTE180ninetteOBAMA FAMILY RECENTEWhite-house-01-800 (2017 03 22 04 37 40 UTC)300katsilveyWhite-house-01-800 (2017 03 22 04 37 40 UTC)Obama and anna, pete souza300Obama and anna, pete souzaHillary clinton and barack obama in happier times300Hillary clinton and barack obama in happier timesFAMILLE OBAMA 2180ninetteFAMILLE OBAMA 2Bama30Bamaaida.ecodev@gmail.com160Glloqaida.ecodev@gmail.comKermit-Frog-got-fun-2011-National-Christmas-Tree300Kermit-Frog-got-fun-2011-National-Christmas-TreeMalia, michelle, barack and sasha obama, with bo and sunny, in r300Malia, michelle, barack and sasha obama, with bo and sunny, in rThe Obamas120springyThe ObamasPresident Obama In the Huddle35TigerjagPresident Obama In the HuddleDad, Daughters, Dog35TigerjagDad, Daughters, DogPOTUS and FLOTUS Dressed Up30TigerjagPOTUS and FLOTUS Dressed UpThe Ultimate President221esse54The Ultimate PresidentBarack Obama70pilgrimjackBarack ObamaAim High60thejacobwallerAim HighBBwwQlG40Jeanette67BBwwQlGBarack Obama35doralaisBarack ObamaMichelle Obama180Michelle Obama