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Jaqen H'ghar by Echosei198leonidas42Jaqen H'ghar by EchoseiJaqen H'ghar by Dariaroshal108leonidas42Jaqen H'ghar by DariaroshalAghori Sadhu holy man India81Vivien2012Aghori Sadhu holy man IndiaMaking it Snow100JigsUp17Making it Snow^ Winters Twilight ~ Dennis Lewan30300zx^ Winters Twilight ~ Dennis LewanBart De Pauw150GROUNDCONTROLBart De PauwHenry VIII by Hans Holbein42Evy7071Henry VIII by Hans HolbeinBear Sculpture36TigerjagBear SculpturePrairie Parish98JigsUp17Prairie ParishSyrio Forell3144leonidas42Syrio Forell3Saint Martin of Tours Feast Day November 1124miterSaint Martin of Tours Feast Day November 11Baelor Sept by Ertac Altinoz200leonidas42Baelor Sept by Ertac AltinozLove At Burning Man36TigerjagLove At Burning ManTHANKSGIVING PARADE BALLOON MAN20lboulaisTHANKSGIVING PARADE BALLOON MANFriends100JigsUp17Friends8623943_fullsize63BetulaB8623943_fullsizeHello from Poland!35ninussaHello from Poland!Carl-Larsson-Idyll70BetulaBCarl-Larsson-IdyllLovely French male model36occhiverdiLovely French male modelAutumn Stroll~ Vladimir Pervuninskiy88BronwynAutumn Stroll~ Vladimir PervuninskiyHigh Sparrow4144leonidas42High Sparrow4Flying Leap96JigsUp17Flying LeapWater for my Horse, please96JigsUp17Water for my Horse, pleaseTHREE WISE MEN BY KEVIN RICHARD28lboulaisTHREE WISE MEN BY KEVIN RICHARD