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Painted Lady70gyouareyouPainted LadyJaguar Roadster 195736BlindTigerJaguar Roadster 1957A simple tourist in London24BlindTigerA simple tourist in LondonMerry Christmas120DalemidkifffanMerry ChristmasNice Day For A Walk54dankenstyneNice Day For A WalkSit With Me54dankenstyneSit With MeI Love Grandma's Tramp Stamp, Art by Doralynn Lowe56HeyJudeI Love Grandma's Tramp Stamp, Art by Doralynn LoweClouds-2494760 960 72040slate77Clouds-2494760 960 720FC - roller skates49adelsonFC - roller skatesIreland35BlindTigerIrelandHoneysuckle Bride35BlindTigerHoneysuckle BrideRoses, ruffles, red and a tiny dog35TigerjagRoses, ruffles, red and a tiny dogRose Dress35TigerjagRose DressI Want To Know If I'll See Your Face Tomorrow54dankenstyneI Want To Know If I'll See Your Face TomorrowI'm Short On Opinions54dankenstyneI'm Short On OpinionsShe's No 'Little Red Riding Hood'54dankenstyneShe's No 'Little Red Riding Hood'Imperial Russian Headdress99spicedjellybeansImperial Russian HeaddressCute black lady45ercimlerCute black ladyDenver Halloween Fashion Show35BlindTigerDenver Halloween Fashion Show22228487_1265829836854937_6648642774703425980_n22822228487_1265829836854937_6648642774703425980_nCat Lady Art by Dianne Dengel35HeyJudeCat Lady Art by Dianne DengelPink Fantasy36TigerjagPink FantasyThe Perfumed Garden36TigerjagThe Perfumed GardenField of Dreams36TigerjagField of Dreams