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Maggie im Mohn300labohemeMaggie im MohnCoburger Citydogs300labohemeCoburger CitydogsCitydogs300labohemeCitydogswer gewinnt300labohemewer gewinntLulu in Scottish colours35jenammf1Lulu in Scottish coloursAce4731d28050ebcae7ab98b5400577891Ace4731d28050ebcae7ab98b54005778Brindle Lab198tamolaBrindle LabI´m watching you300labohemeI´m watching youMy carrot300splitty00My carrotGreat Beginnings by Jim Killen99lisa1261Great Beginnings by Jim KillenDuck Masters by Jim Killen96lisa1261Duck Masters by Jim KillenBreak Time by Jim Killen88lisa1261Break Time by Jim KillenA Day in the Marsh by Jim Killen96lisa1261A Day in the Marsh by Jim KillenProud-Legacy by Jim Killen99lisa1261Proud-Legacy by Jim KillenJenny120JennyBodhiBlueCookieBoy42AuroraABodhiBlueCookieBoyPuppy20mika7PuppyLabadrawers35calibanxiLabadrawersEHA4011300labohemeEHA4011011_2411a120AmazingDuckling011_2411aLarry Chandler Lab and Duck99lisa1261Larry Chandler Lab and Duck05arduck9905arduckAN RCAF CH-113 Labrador Helio sits atop a large jut of land...54FreddijAN RCAF CH-113 Labrador Helio sits atop a large jut of land...Jessy - Labrador en Yvelines - 00199GerbeauJessy - Labrador en Yvelines - 001