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Wassily Kandinsky, "Quiet Harmony", 1924154tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Quiet Harmony", 1924Wassily Kandinsky, "A Centre", 1924150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "A Centre", 1924Wassily Kandinsky, "Panel for Edwin R Campbell No 4", 1914150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Panel for Edwin R Campbell No 4", 1914Wassily Kandinsky, "Exotic Birds", 1915150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Exotic Birds", 1915Wassily Kandinsky, "Upward", 1929150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Upward", 1929Black Grid252msophiaBlack GridKandinsky.Comp X260msophiaKandinsky.Comp XThe Great Gate of Kiev252msophiaThe Great Gate of KievKandinsky 1252msophiaKandinsky 1Wassily Kandinsky, "White Sound", 1908144tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "White Sound", 1908Wassily Kandinsky, "Composition IV"96tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Composition IV"Wassily Kandinsky, "My Dining Room", 1909150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "My Dining Room", 1909Wassily Kandinsky, "A Private Party", 1942156tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "A Private Party", 1942Wassily Kandinsky, 1927154tpickleWassily Kandinsky, 1927Wassily Kandinsky, "In Between", 1934160tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "In Between", 1934Wassily Kandinsky, "Orange Russian", abstract art154tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Orange Russian", abstract artWassily Kandinsky, "Structure Joyeuse"150tpickleWassily Kandinsky, "Structure Joyeuse"Composition VII 1910 Vassily Kandinsky130clara28Composition VII 1910 Vassily KandinskyVieille Ville II 1902 Vladimir Kandinsky126clara28Vieille Ville II 1902 Vladimir KandinskyImprovisation II 1910 Vassily KANDINSKY130clara28Improvisation II 1910 Vassily KANDINSKYLa Place du marché de Murnau 1908 Vassily KANDINSKY130clara28La Place du marché de Murnau 1908 Vassily KANDINSKYPaysage avec maison verte Murnau 1909 Vassily Kandinsky130clara28Paysage avec maison verte Murnau 1909 Vassily KandinskyVue de Murnau 1909 Vassily Kandinsky130clara28Vue de Murnau 1909 Vassily KandinskyWassily Kandinsky54Julie63Wassily Kandinsky