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The Diwan-i-Aam, Mysore Palace, Jaipur99MorvorenThe Diwan-i-Aam, Mysore Palace, JaipurIndian Ringed Parrakeet120yammaccaIndian Ringed ParrakeetFamily Conference88yammaccaFamily ConferenceCoucal Cocky198yammaccaCoucal CockyOn The Lookout108yammaccaOn The LookoutBrahmin Cow at Lunch108yammaccaBrahmin Cow at LunchSymmetry in Contrast289yammaccaSymmetry in ContrastTravel Blessings - Delhi Airport180yammaccaTravel Blessings - Delhi AirportGanges Bath Time112yammaccaGanges Bath TimeBlessed Bovine108yammaccaBlessed BovinePrayer Drums at Norbulinga228yammaccaPrayer Drums at NorbulingaPrayer Flags at Norbulinga108yammaccaPrayer Flags at NorbulingaNorbulinga Buddhist Temple Grounds140yammaccaNorbulinga Buddhist Temple GroundsHimachal Pradesh Cricket Assocn - under the weather!270yammaccaHimachal Pradesh Cricket Assocn - under the weather!Sri Hanuman150yammaccaSri HanumanBrowsing Bovine130yammaccaBrowsing BovinePigeons of the People108yammaccaPigeons of the PeopleMumbai Dome210yammaccaMumbai DomeMumbai Taj Hotel198yammaccaMumbai Taj HotelHoli Hai!120yammaccaHoli Hai!Lamp of Life63yammaccaLamp of LifeSri Ganesha48yammaccaSri GaneshaSacred Fig63yammaccaSacred FigSandeepany Sunrise99yammaccaSandeepany Sunrise