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Lord of the rings Fort of bruinen Howe70musaraLord of the rings Fort of bruinen HoweHowe Scale Shed80goosealleygalHowe Scale ShedBalls Pyramid300BlackjackBalls PyramidLord Howe300BlackjackLord HoweBalls Pyramid300BlackjackBalls PyramidGandalf - by John Howe96CrysaniaMajereGandalf - by John Howe"Gandalf comes to Hobbiton" - by John Howe96CrysaniaMajere"Gandalf comes to Hobbiton" - by John HoweA hobbit home - by John Howe99CrysaniaMajereA hobbit home - by John HoweHowe Sound80Howe SoundBlack-riders-in-the-shire195Black-riders-in-the-shireUruk-hai154EldamarUruk-haiMinas Morgul150EldamarMinas MorgulAn Unexpected Party180EldamarAn Unexpected PartyRingwraith on Wings209EldamarRingwraith on WingsMorgoth & Ungoliant300EldamarMorgoth & UngoliantStick insect from lord howe island70shaperStick insect from lord howe islandLord howe island77shaperLord howe islandLord of the rings Howe54musaraLord of the rings Howe71-2187071-21871-0298071-029John Howe - the Lord of the Rings art88CrysaniaMajereJohn Howe - the Lord of the Rings art