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21950156_1618536041529819_2922641968600868379_o22821950156_1618536041529819_2922641968600868379_oA gathering of Orca's near B.C coastline....56FreddijA gathering of Orca's near B.C coastline....MTG_Apocalypse-Hydra300SatanikusMTG_Apocalypse-HydraLinvala keeper of silence300SatanikusLinvala keeper of silenceButterfly gathering56Vivien2012Butterfly gatheringDas Familienfest~ Eduard Swoboda Gemaelde ii90BronwynDas Familienfest~ Eduard Swoboda Gemaelde ii^ Wildflower gathering24300zx^ Wildflower gatheringGathering storm over flowers of purple...63FreddijGathering storm over flowers of purple...IMG_0190108IMG_0190Gathering154Rita49GatheringRockin' Pier~99BronwynRockin' Pier~Family Gathering~ Elissa Della-Piana99BronwynFamily Gathering~ Elissa Della-PianaMOM GATHERING A BRANCH PHOTO BY GENA FLANIGEN110JerriMowry1MOM GATHERING A BRANCH PHOTO BY GENA FLANIGENA gathering of many different birds at Christmas time..54FreddijA gathering of many different birds at Christmas time..Bob Fair 'Oh Christmas Tree'150Rita49Bob Fair 'Oh Christmas Tree'colorful pencils9ardenacolorful pencilsPainting a Portrait~ Franz von Persoglia88BronwynPainting a Portrait~ Franz von PersogliaIntroduction~ Ladislaus Bakalowicz88BronwynIntroduction~ Ladislaus BakalowiczPika, a Small Relative of the Rabbit49GoldGalPika, a Small Relative of the RabbitLemur gathering60leoleobobeoLemur gatheringBritish flag clothes120bluebearBritish flag clothesFlamingo gathering35puzzlesr4funFlamingo gatheringBeekeeping inspecting the honey cone35puzzlesr4funBeekeeping inspecting the honey coneAmericana art painting Gathering at School150disney453Americana art painting Gathering at School