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Freda Kahlo 5bde0c23b682378e1ec12adb9d0da71a300Freda Kahlo 5bde0c23b682378e1ec12adb9d0da71aTea Japanese art deco style pot35adelsonTea Japanese art deco style potAEC Bus99tylerjohnjigsawAEC BusTechnicolor Deco quilt by Shirley Gisi90lulu5987Technicolor Deco quilt by Shirley GisiAlida Akers - Sofa with a View acrylic painting90SpencerKayAlida Akers - Sofa with a View acrylic paintingArt Deco Tile72sg2310Art Deco TilePacker, Frederick Dreamscape90docrabbitsPacker, Frederick DreamscapeHuhn, Tim Autumn90docrabbitsHuhn, Tim AutumnBrandt, George Tree, Mountain and Moon 192190docrabbitsBrandt, George Tree, Mountain and Moon 1921Erte, Venus80docrabbitsErte, VenusAD Cat Show poster35adelsonAD Cat Show posterArt deco lobby204LadyXLArt deco lobbybeautiful flowers12ardenabeautiful flowersArt deco mantle clock - 0148adelsonArt deco mantle clock - 01Art deco klok 1930's63adelsonArt deco klok 1930'sIvory, Lesley Anne ROSES-CAT-AND-THE-ART-DECO-ROSES90docrabbitsIvory, Lesley Anne ROSES-CAT-AND-THE-ART-DECO-ROSESAlida Akers painting - Moonrise Cottage retro art deco35SpencerKayAlida Akers painting - Moonrise Cottage retro art decoDeco fashion143marylusantillan19Deco fashionParatodos198redrileyParatodosBedroom12UncleEdwardBedroomLegs in Galeria Mokotów153jwsLegs in Galeria MokotówTechnicolor Deco143marylusantillan19Technicolor Deco‘Seahorse’ by Nick Gaetano60JAHo‘Seahorse’ by Nick GaetanoCircles & Squares ~ Quilt in progress3003jwsCircles & Squares ~ Quilt in progress