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Cortina d Ampezzo -Italy150oholmesCortina d Ampezzo -ItalySit still for a moment.6jillnjoSit still for a moment.Trail of Tears Max D Standley99lcrclTrail of Tears Max D StandleyDosrius, Ajuntament63puzlartDosrius, AjuntamentDuesaigues, Old door, Tarragona63puzlartDuesaigues, Old door, TarragonaDosrius, Capella de sant Llop60puzlartDosrius, Capella de sant LlopDorius, El bosque artistico de Ernest Borras60puzlartDorius, El bosque artistico de Ernest BorrasDonzell d'Urgell, Monument a la Dona63puzlartDonzell d'Urgell, Monument a la DonaDonzell d'Urgell, la placeta63puzlartDonzell d'Urgell, la placeta800px-Ljohnson12Crazy11800px-LjohnsonFDR_1944_Color_Portrait.tif6Crazy11FDR_1944_Color_Portrait.tif9.60b Peter looked aside in awkward Recollection of his recent D35Meeters9.60b Peter looked aside in awkward Recollection of his recent DGingerbread Houses Martha's Vineyard99HeyJudeGingerbread Houses Martha's VineyardDecoration35Dajana49DecorationDD15DDLime Blossom20Cookie303Lime BlossomBach's Magnificat in D Minor180clynndunnBach's Magnificat in D Minor^ A, B, C, D35300zx^ A, B, C, D20160724_1031099120160724_103109Mercedes 180 D100Steve360Mercedes 180 DDowerin, Rusty the Tin Dog, Australia99puzlartDowerin, Rusty the Tin Dog, AustraliaDaintree Village, The Big Barramundi, Australia99puzlartDaintree Village, The Big Barramundi, AustraliaDarwin, Mindil Beach Market, Australia98puzlartDarwin, Mindil Beach Market, AustraliaDarwin, Waterfront, Australia99puzlartDarwin, Waterfront, Australia