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Strawberry cream cake112yedoreenStrawberry cream cake^ Rice Puff Sandwiches ~ The Hot Plate24300zx^ Rice Puff Sandwiches ~ The Hot PlateCrispy Fried Eggs12BlindTigerCrispy Fried EggsExtra Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges88GoldGalExtra Crispy Sweet Potato WedgesGrilled chicken crispy fried50ghinaGrilled chicken crispy friedRainbow rice crispy treats88QueenMapelaRainbow rice crispy treats#Crispy Sweet Peppers12Kaboomer#Crispy Sweet PeppersTeddy bear bread300Teddy bear breadChicken crispy42andreeamChicken crispy#Fresh Crispy Bread180Kaboomer#Fresh Crispy BreadBacon35JustABugBaconSpicy & Crispy Chicken Caesar Club with Melted Parmesan & Mozzar80Naz7Spicy & Crispy Chicken Caesar Club with Melted Parmesan & Mozzar#Crispy Bakery Breads91Kaboomer#Crispy Bakery Breads#Broccoli & Spinach Meatball Pie12Kaboomer#Broccoli & Spinach Meatball PieColorful Crispy Cottage35Colorful Crispy CottageRice krisp120coollavaRice krispCrispy Treats28Crispy TreatsRice Crispy Easter Eggs54Rice Crispy Easter EggsRice Crispies60Rice CrispiesRice Crispy Sushi70Rice Crispy SushiSt paul's144St paul'sPork Chops and Gravy36questionPork Chops and GravyIMG_20150419_171804_kindlephoto-25049714636IMG_20150419_171804_kindlephoto-250497146cupcake and cookie140baileymcupcake and cookie