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"Sir! I am doing all I can.."63LilJon0895"Sir! I am doing all I can.."Tails up140LyleKTails upChipmunk on stump54Vivien2012Chipmunk on stumpArdilla90VIXENArdillaSitting On The Fence12KarindSitting On The FenceChippy54WalkingBuffaloMan888ChippyChipmunk99mikeyjdChipmunkCHIPMUNK photographed by JIM HOLDEN108JerriMowry1CHIPMUNK photographed by JIM HOLDENChipmunk by Natalia Hrabrova32VovkaChipmunk by Natalia HrabrovaChipmunk eats corn91yedoreenChipmunk eats cornChipmunk, bears, owl, deer, raccoon wine tasting Robert Schmidt99lcrclChipmunk, bears, owl, deer, raccoon wine tasting Robert SchmidtChipMunk on rock48Vivien2012ChipMunk on rockChipmunk what?49Vivien2012Chipmunk what?Montague and Capulet88blaksmythMontague and CapuletChipmunks @ 1zoom.me...12715ajan3Chipmunks @ 1zoom.me...Chipmunk feast54Vivien2012Chipmunk feastScreen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.24.04 PM130jayrScreen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.24.04 PMChipmunk with Flower6BlindTigerChipmunk with FlowerChipmunk6TigerjagChipmunkLove always finds a way108diana473Love always finds a wayTouch of Spring~ JaneMaday -1440x1152-4021699BronwynTouch of Spring~ JaneMaday -1440x1152-40216Animales de la jungla150VIXENAnimales de la junglaNutty but cute35puzzlesr4funNutty but cuteChipmunk42FortunesafloatChipmunk