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Speed Dating60AmyJoySpeed DatingTeazel Shared p55 21 1536-10 12 2017-11-09-0072Molly1954Teazel Shared p55 21 1536-10 12 2017-11-09-00Bugs bunny99EightytBugs bunnyGlow Worm42ladymonardaGlow Wormmonarch butterfly on flower24xmoonmonarch butterfly on flower^ Critter Bagel Sandwiches18300zx^ Critter Bagel SandwichesLooney Tunes fun48BugsbunnyLooney Tunes funbee80beeBEE ON FLOWER63AtirdropBEE ON FLOWERpretty ladybugs204CoolValpretty ladybugsBugs99jayniebbBugsPraying Mantis99fclarkPraying MantisBugged flower.4jillnjoBugged flower.Flowers and flies289yellowbearFlowers and fliesRugrats99VIXENRugratsMonarch hatchling on butterfly weed.48ldeichmillMonarch hatchling on butterfly weed.Lady bugs40goppaLady bugsFly, Calliphora vomitoria, 'Bluebottle', on potato leaf.12ourspudsFly, Calliphora vomitoria, 'Bluebottle', on potato leaf.Solomon's seal sawfly, Phymatocera aterrima.12ourspudsSolomon's seal sawfly, Phymatocera aterrima.My zoo- bugs35jannie1108My zoo- bugsSpring Equinox300themindofmarieSpring EquinoxCoccinella septempuncata, 'Two-spot Ladybird', on apple leaf.9ourspudsCoccinella septempuncata, 'Two-spot Ladybird', on apple leaf.Two-spot Ladybird & Ant on Bramley apple buds, Scotland.12ourspudsTwo-spot Ladybird & Ant on Bramley apple buds, Scotland.Bibio marci, 'St. Mark's Fly', on apple leaf, Herefordshire.12ourspudsBibio marci, 'St. Mark's Fly', on apple leaf, Herefordshire.