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After the dog walk15SpencerKayAfter the dog walkBean models his new dog collar6SpencerKayBean models his new dog collarDog playing tug6SpencerKayDog playing tugThree dog friends32SpencerKayThree dog friendsCloud Gate80LeliaCloud GateDog stare6SpencerKayDog stareBean the dog taking it easy35SpencerKayBean the dog taking it easy00570masterpiecer005Serious dog face6SpencerKaySerious dog faceDog looking up at owner6SpencerKayDog looking up at owner1200px-Azuki Beans481200px-Azuki BeansEarly morning dog walk42SpencerKayEarly morning dog walkA Very Wise Dog35SpencerKayA Very Wise DogDog Sitting in Water Bowl45SpencerKayDog Sitting in Water BowlSerious Staffy48SpencerKaySerious Staffy^ Mexican Cheesy Chicken and Sausage with Black Beans6300zx^ Mexican Cheesy Chicken and Sausage with Black BeansCoffee bean240magpie65Coffee beanCa3ccaf2d0657813d37da2c72d5db71448Ca3ccaf2d0657813d37da2c72d5db714Sb854SeanBean2017Sb8Bean-salad. For diners who love to trump240RookwingsBean-salad. For diners who love to trump^ Black bean and corn salad35300zx^ Black bean and corn saladMr. Bean Frankenstein300JoeCopeMr. Bean FrankensteinLady mister Bean117GlloqLady mister BeanOops! Wrong sprouts, sorry238RookwingsOops! Wrong sprouts, sorry