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Matheran Hill station near Mumbai35puzzlesr4funMatheran Hill station near MumbaiFamily - geting away from it all35puzzlesr4funFamily - geting away from it allSecluded holiday house-Maribor-Slovenia35puzzlesr4funSecluded holiday house-Maribor-SloveniaRosalie-bay-picnic35puzzlesr4funRosalie-bay-picnicGetting away from it all 335puzzlesr4funGetting away from it all 3Getting away from it all 232puzzlesr4funGetting away from it all 2Hmm where to go?35puzzlesr4funHmm where to go?South-America-Machu-Picchu -vista36puzzlesr4funSouth-America-Machu-Picchu -vistaIceland36puzzlesr4funIceland#Travel to Antarctica160Kaboomer#Travel to Antarctica#Reading24Kaboomer#ReadingRiver and Mountains221PonyboyCurtis4River and Mountains#Sailing Hard to Windward12Kaboomer#Sailing Hard to Windward#Going on an Interesting Hike6Kaboomer#Going on an Interesting Hike9. Be a little unpredictable15doralais9. Be a little unpredictable8. Really concentrate on relaxing15doralais8. Really concentrate on relaxing7. Appreciate the taste of what you eat15doralais7. Appreciate the taste of what you eat6. Communicate in real-life16doralais6. Communicate in real-life5. Go to events, but do so in moderation15doralais5. Go to events, but do so in moderation4. Do what you love15doralais4. Do what you love3. Split your work into equal parts15doralais3. Split your work into equal parts2. Enjoy silence15doralais2. Enjoy silence1. Be alone with nature15doralais1. Be alone with natureMountains170PonyboyCurtis4Mountains