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Vally Farm~ TomWood96BronwynVally Farm~ TomWoodAmish sunshine and shadow quilt54lulu5987Amish sunshine and shadow quiltAmish Girl with fresh picked flowers by Nancy Noel20john2Amish Girl with fresh picked flowers by Nancy NoelAmish by Joseph Burgess80lulu5987Amish by Joseph BurgessYoung Amish girl by Nancy Noel24john2Young Amish girl by Nancy NoelAmish Sisters By Nancy Noel25john2Amish Sisters By Nancy NoelAmish snow day70DalemidkifffanAmish snow dayIvory, Lesley Anne MINTAKA-ON-AMISH-QUILT-WITH-JEWELLED-BOX100docrabbitsIvory, Lesley Anne MINTAKA-ON-AMISH-QUILT-WITH-JEWELLED-BOXAmish Country Road72NiftyFiftiesAmish Country RoadAmish General Store70NiftyFiftiesAmish General StoreCharles Wysocki 'Amish Meeting'154Rita49Charles Wysocki 'Amish Meeting'Dowdle 'Amish Watermelons'154Rita49Dowdle 'Amish Watermelons'AMISH FARM80HappygardensAMISH FARMAMISH SCHOOLYARD42HappygardensAMISH SCHOOLYARDLinda Nelson Stocks 'Sunday Meeting'150Rita49Linda Nelson Stocks 'Sunday Meeting'Amish Buggy Ride20LoisMountzAmish Buggy RideSharing with a Friend by Laurie Hein99VindivinSharing with a Friend by Laurie HeinWaiting for Mama by Laurie Hein99VindivinWaiting for Mama by Laurie HeinHooping it up by Laurie Hein112VindivinHooping it up by Laurie HeinCountry Amish by John Sloan99VindivinCountry Amish by John SloanAmish shoo fly quilt198susan75Amish shoo fly quiltDowdle 'Gardner Village'150Rita49Dowdle 'Gardner Village'Dowdle 'Amish Boys Walking'154Rita49Dowdle 'Amish Boys Walking'AMISH 190redapplejujuAMISH 1