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Topolino 220Topolino 21583679028796321210Maite251583679028796321Bambi-disney209Maite25Bambi-disneyPrince-Charming and  Cincerella198Maite25Prince-Charming and CincerellaSensational-sydney90Maite25Sensational-sydneyDaenerys and Dragons1200leonidas42Daenerys and Dragons1Daenerys Targaryen GoT Mad Max by Andrew Doma200leonidas42Daenerys Targaryen GoT Mad Max by Andrew Domaпингвин6пингвинSansa Stark by Darya Talipova180leonidas42Sansa Stark by Darya TalipovaLife is Not a Song, Little Bird by Ertac Altinoz198leonidas42Life is Not a Song, Little Bird by Ertac AltinozCleganebowl by Ertac Altinoz198leonidas42Cleganebowl by Ertac AltinozJaime and Cersei198leonidas42Jaime and CerseiDaenerys on Drogon by Karakter200leonidas42Daenerys on Drogon by KarakterDaenerys at Meereen Arena192leonidas42Daenerys at Meereen ArenaDaenerys and Drogon at Meereen182leonidas42Daenerys and Drogon at MeereenDaenerys and the Unsullied by Karakter180leonidas42Daenerys and the Unsullied by KarakterRhaegar and Lyanna196leonidas42Rhaegar and LyannaMaester Luwin196leonidas42Maester LuwinJon Snow182leonidas42Jon SnowJon Snow by Gary Jamroz180leonidas42Jon Snow by Gary JamrozJon Snow and Ghost2196leonidas42Jon Snow and Ghost2Jon Snow and Ghost1198leonidas42Jon Snow and Ghost1Arya Stark by Nordheimer204leonidas42Arya Stark by NordheimerLady Stark by Stuartstudios196leonidas42Lady Stark by Stuartstudios