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"Colorful Old Jalopies"160LyleK"Colorful Old Jalopies""Pair Of Coyotes"160LyleK"Pair Of Coyotes""Midday Rest"160LyleK"Midday Rest""Circus"160LyleK"Circus""Chubby and Bert"153LyleK"Chubby and Bert""Stallion Dance"140LyleK"Stallion Dance""Can You Spot the Horse"150LyleK"Can You Spot the Horse""Back Off, Buddy"150LyleK"Back Off, Buddy""Evening in the Park"160LyleK"Evening in the Park""On the Run"136LyleK"On the Run""Painted Lady #1"140LyleK"Painted Lady #1""Kat"136LyleK"Kat""Little Missouri Autumn"140LyleK"Little Missouri Autumn""Storm Clouds at Wind Canyon"140LyleK"Storm Clouds at Wind Canyon""Pheasant in Ash Tree"140LyleK"Pheasant in Ash Tree""Mouse", It's Whats For Dinner"140LyleK"Mouse", It's Whats For Dinner"Tails up140LyleKTails upCoyote 10 2017140LyleKCoyote 10 2017"Spring Showers"140LyleK"Spring Showers""Wild Horse Band"150LyleK"Wild Horse Band""Under Mom"140LyleK"Under Mom"State of North Dakota54Valjeane1949State of North DakotaNorth Dakota - Interstate 9454Valjeane1949North Dakota - Interstate 94Shrinking No. 1 - North Dakota60Valjeane1949Shrinking No. 1 - North Dakota