192 puzzles tagged "new year"
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happy chinese new year20qwertzhappy chinese new yearchinese dragon12qwertzchinese dragonFireworks in the Snow80KL03Fireworks in the SnowA Canine Happy New Year63GoldGalA Canine Happy New YearA Doggone New Year's56GoldGalA Doggone New Year's2017 on the line8qwertz2017 on the lineHappy New Year 201712qwertzHappy New Year 2017Happy New Year!20qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!12qwertzHappy New Year!New Year 201715qwertzNew Year 2017New Year's Eve Party88GoldGalNew Year's Eve PartyGold and Silver New Year70GoldGalGold and Silver New YearHappy New Year in White Script72GoldGalHappy New Year in White ScriptHappy 201760GoldGalHappy 2017Gold and Red New Year48GoldGalGold and Red New YearIt's Time for 201770GoldGalIt's Time for 2017A Golden 201760GoldGalA Golden 20172017 in red6qwertz2017 in redHappy New Year!12qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!15qwertzHappy New Year!Happy New Year!!!12qwertzHappy New Year!!!201712qwertz2017Happy New Year 20176qwertzHappy New Year 20173915adamo077739