Game Help

Moving a piece

Every piece can be caught and dropped by the left mouse button in two ways:

You can connect pieces together. The connection is accompanied with a sound. You can move together connected pieces as one piece.

Rotating a piece

It is possible to rotate pieces only if it was allowed by an author of the puzzle. To rotate a piece:

Working with more pieces together

Sometimes you need to work with more pieces. You need to make a selection of pieces:

  1. Place the cursor over an empty part of the desktop.
  2. Press the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the area with pieces you wish to select.
  3. Release the mouse button. The selected pieces turn red.

With these selected pieces you can move as with one pieces. If you wish to add / remove a piece to / from the selected pieces, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the piece with the left mouse button. For canceling your choice click the left mouse button on an empty part of the desktop.


Arranges pieces in free desktop space. It leaves already connected pieces on their places. As long as you do not use Disarrange, this command does not work with the pieces you have already moved.


Disarranges pieces in free desktop space. It leaves already connected pieces on their places.


At the bottom part of the desktop there is information about the puzzle progress expressed in percents.

Game Saving

If you leave an unfinished puzzle, the application should automatically save your game. Next time you should find the game as you left it.
Note: Number and storing time of the saved games is limited if you are not signed in.

Keyboard shortcuts

AArranges pieces.
DDisarranges pieces.
GShows or hides the ghost picture.
IShows or hides an image preview.
PPauses or unpauses a game.


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